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Empower your people. Anytime. Anywhere.

Imagine you could activate and energize everyone, and their ability to act in concert, to the highest levels. In minutes.
Beyond delivers the energy needed to ignite trust, engagement and commitment, across teams of any size. On demand.


In person and face-to-face. Energy in its purest form.


At distance in digital or virtual space. Activate the source.


Fluidly combine and shift in any setting. Ignite at scale.

Charged in30 Minutes
  • Beyond transforms pressure into energy, in minutes.
    Tilmann Schulze, CEO DPD Switzerland
  • The shift in mindset happens right away. Amazing!
    Alex Stoll, Customer Service – Transactional Category @hp
  • I see the impact in their eyes. Every time.
    Neil Gregory, Director Manufacturing, BMI Group UK

The power to transform

Trust, engagement and commitment, are essential ingredients for the success of everything we do. The energy to move and mobilize at scale, to continuously improve, across culture and language, in any setting, will define how far and how fast we can go as an organization.


Activate connection and trust, and the values you stand for. Embedded into your daily routines. Changing how we are together.


Ignite high performance and continuous improvement on ​​demand. Integrated into your daily operational reality. Changing how work gets done.


Technology that ignites trust and engagement, and activates continuous improvement, at the source. A transformation engine to anchor and sustain energy and excellence everywhere.

Transformedin 90 Days

The Science

Understanding the science and mechanics of how teams can connect and excel at scale is the foundation of the what Beyond has built over the last 2 decades. An idea that has established itself around the world as the baseline of a new school of thought on leadership and organizational transformation.
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  • The Technology

    A new category. A revolutionary thought. Technology that fundamentally shifts how we are together and how work gets done. The ability to activate and mobilize everyone, across culture and language, in any setting. At scale. In minutes.

    Igniting a new quality of who we are, anywhere and anytime.


The Architect

Patrick has bet his life on the idea of a new interaction and engagement quality in organizations. A thought that ignites that innate ability in each of us to connect, cooperate and improve together.
As the chief architect of Beyond, Patrick is committed to bringing the philosophy, the process and the technology to every corner of the globe. To embed it into our daily reality, everywhere. And to uplift and improve the lives of everyone it touches.

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